Bored Activities!

Make a movie


  1. Find a camera or open the "camera" app on your phone, ipod or ipad
  2. Plan your movie (what are you going to call it, what do you do in it)
  3. Record a part of the movie
  4. Play back the part (if you don't like it retry)
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have done
  6. Put the files on a computer (skip this step if on phone, ipod or ipad)
  7. Open a video editor program (Windows: Windows Movie Maker, Mac: IMovie, IPhone,IPod,IPad: IMovie, Other phones: I don't know of any you can search for one in your phone app store)
  8. Add all the clips
  9. Play back the movie and maybe make some changes (Like removing a part or making some edits)
  10. Export the movie
  11. Show the movie to your friends

Written by Mrcomputer1 and last edited at 19th October 2015